The best 6×9 speakers for the money

I’m not by and large somebody with a ton of sound involvement. I chose to purchase a couple of these earphones since I began a podcast and I required recording earphones to run with my Blue Yeti. They do work for this reason – they segregate sound. Notwithstanding, there is a kind of electronic humming that quite often is by all accounts there when I’m recording, when I’m tuning in to music, notwithstanding when they’re recently connected to my PC. I purchased the principal match renovated and I imagined that the way that they were revamped was the issue, so I sent them back and brought another combine. I took a stab at connecting them to my portable workstation, and they’re greatly improved, yet sadly despite everything they have a tiny bit of background noise you can hear when tuning in to music or book recordings..

I’m not precisely beyond any doubt what the issue is. I know these should be amazing recording earphones. I’m glad to get exhortation from the individuals who realize what they’re doing on the grounds that I’d love to love these earphones.

Something else, the earphones do alright as recording earphones. They fit pleasantly and are agreeable – I have a little head so I observe a great deal of earphones to be awkward. So in case you’re a podcaster, they’ll work for their expected reason, however you may require another thing to tune in to music.


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